Street Serenades

The heartbeat of the city is composed by the street artists. Whenever I'm walking the platforms I pause what's playing on my phone to take in the soul of the city. 

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April McFadden
Kinship, birdies, and beauty salons

A recap of Marcus Gardly's play at Victory Gardens Theater. Set in Chicago in the months leading up to President Barack Obama’s historic 2008 election, two women are faced with closing their hair salon. A Wonder In My Soul is the story of Bell and Birdie, two Chicago hair stylists whose friendship stands the test of time.

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Best-laid plans: How I improvised my 1st career day

I’m sure we can all identify with the sense of accomplishment after coming up with an outline for your day, developing a perfectly crafted presentation, or even reviewing your well thought out five-year plan. And I’m sure at one point we’ve all dealt with those very plans falling apart or having to completely throw them out window and come up with new courses of action.

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