Mastering Mac





Chicago transplant, Old Atlanta raised, Northwestern grad, and Master's candidate.

Since I was young, I was always reading and writing stories. My childhood bookcase was filled with novels and notebooks. It was not until high school when I was inspired by a teacher to pursue journalism. I came to Northwestern with a dream of graduating and heading to New York for a "Devil Wears Prada" experience.

My time in college changed my passion from harried editorial assistant to utilizing my communications skills for the uplift of my community. That brought me to nonprofit work. My work with Chicago Public Schools made me curious about the education landscape and led me to seek a master's in education at University of Illinois at Chicago. This is only the beginning of a life committed to work with individuals and organizations doing great work with communities.



I am a storyteller, social media and PR consultant, graphic designer, and nonprofit communicator. Most times all at once.

Social media - whether it's launching a brand's social media presence, creating and implementing campaigns, or capturing events live, I got the experience and knowledge to grow your audience/subscriber one follower at a time.

Design - with over five years of experience in print design ranging from magazine layouts to t-shirts and flyers. I know a lot of CRAP (contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity).

Digital media - I'm not afraid of a little code. I know how to make a website an engaging experience for users.

Event planning - I've planned concerts, speaking events, parties, and receptions. I know what it takes to cultivate meaningful and memorable experiences. 

General communications - my journalism background and editorial experience, serves as my foundation. I approach my work ethically and with great respect for the art of words.


Adobe Creative Suite | iMovie | Salesforce | HTML5 | Google Analytics | Google Adwords | Event planning | Hootsuite | Buffer | photography


about mastering mac

Mac developed as a pseudo last name for a safe online identity as a teen. It was enough to reference, but obscure my legal identity. Even the spelling was intentional; "Mack" was my father and at 13 I wanted to do my own thing and the name stuck.

I am a young communications professional, mastering more skills and getting more experience every day. I am also a master's candidate studying education policy at University of Illinois at Chicago. The name "Mastering Mac" is the perfect moniker for this period in my life. Mastering is all about learning more about myself and the world around me.